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    Do you have an asbestos roof? While asbestos was once widely used for roofing, it poses a significant risk to the health and safety of your family. Our qualified and highly skilled Roof Specialists can safely remove and replace your asbestos roof with a roof of your choosing, giving you peace of mind knowing your family and home are safe.

    Our team are equipped with the necessary skills and experience to remove and replace your asbestos roof, to provide you with improved safety, a decrease in your home insurance costs and potentially adding value to your home.

    Why Do You Need To Remove Asbestos?

    • Ensure the health and safety of your family and visitors
    • Add value of your property
    • Stop mould and leaks from occurring
    • Reduce the weight on your roof structure
    • Safeguard your home and tank rainwater from contamination
    asbestos roof

    A popular product used in the building and construction industry in Australia throughout the 1950s and 1960s, asbestos is a brittle material that is less durable than other products such as metal or stone. Cracks can occur easily and often result in mould and potentially severe leaks.

    While asbestos provides insulative properties which made it a popular choice of material for roofs, it can be a respiratory hazard and is incredibly toxic. Its fibres have been determined to cause cancer and therefore poses a significant threat to those who live under an asbestos roof.

    Exposure to asbestos can cause cancer and other health conditions. The process of removing an asbestos roof requires a high level of skill to ensure everyone’s safety. That’s why it’s important to only trust the experts when it comes to asbestos roof removal, to ensure it is done correctly and safely.

    At Port Melbourne Roofing, we specialise in offering a complete asbestos removal service. Our team is fully licensed, insured and accredited, giving you peace of mind that you and your family are in safe hands.

    We will first conduct an inspection of your roof for fibro asbestos and then we will remove the toxic material safely and dispose of it appropriately, with minimal disruption posed to you. Removing an asbestos roof and replacing it with an innovative and energy-efficient alternative such as Colorbond will not only improve the appearance of your home but will also increase its value.

    Using special protective clothing and methods, we can safely remove your asbestos roof and dispose of it safely, at an approved site. Once the asbestos is removed, the area is vacuumed to ensure no fibres or hazardous materials remain. Our complete asbestos roof replacement service includes:

    • Safe removal of asbestos roof with specialised equipment
    • Proper disposal of all materials
    • New roof construction using the material of your choosing

    The Port Melbourne Roofing team is made up of roofing experts including tilers, builders and plumbers. Highly qualified, experienced and fully licensed, make us your first call when you need asbestos roof removal.

    All asbestos roof removals conducted by Port Melbourne Roofing are carried out in accordance with Australian health and safety standards, the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Environmental Protection Authority.


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