Terracotta Tile Roofs

Restoring, De-Mossing and Pressure Cleaning Will Make Your Roof Look Fantastic.

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    Our terracotta tiles installation process

    We would love to take a look at your roof and then advise you what we can do at a price you will be delighted with.

    • Inspection – Our team carries out a full inspection to work out what action is necessary
    • Replace – We replace broken terracotta tiles, and check your roof’s water channels to ensure water proofing
    • High Pressure Cleaning – We remove all dirt, pollution, moss and lichen using a high pressure hose.
    • Valley Irons – We remove and replace old rusty and broken roof valleys
    • Flashings – we check, repair or replace your flashing. Whichever is necessary
    • Re-bedding – We remove old mortar and cement bedding, clean the surface and apply new cement bedding
    • Re-pointing – We will repoint all ridges, gables and valley tiles. Our pointing compound is specially formulated not to crack, and adhere to ridge tiles properly
    • Gutters Cleaned – We clean your gutters, removing dirt, leaves, gunk and debris
    • Spare tiles – We leave you with 6 spare tiles, ensuring you can replace some tiles if things break over time
    • After all is done, you’re left with an incredible looking roof!


    Selection of Recent Work

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