Roof repair

Keep your property safe & dry

Our team of qualified roof plumbers and roof tilers will inspect your roof and offer experienced recommendations on repair plans. Your roof is the first point of contact for strong winds, harsh sun, and bucketing rainfalls. It takes the majority of the force of unforgiving weather conditions so that the rest of your house remains protected and in return, your roof requires proper care and maintenance.

We can replace your valleys, fix your tiles, restore your metal roof, and much more. Whatever your worry, we’re fully trained to repair your roof to make it once again safe and functioning. We’ll also work with you to ensure that your roof remains that way in the future through scheduled maintenance and check-ups.

Experts in repairs

Don’t ignore the warning signs

A leaking or draughty roof are sure signs that you need to speak with a roofing specialist. These problems can appear quite suddenly in a visible way, while under the surface your roof has been deteriorating over weeks or years. Often, a leak can turn from a drip to a pour very quickly so you mustn’t ignore the first signs of roof decay.

Once water gets past the outer barrier, it can start to weaken the structure underneath. Take your wellbeing into your own hands and call Port Melbourne Roofing now. We will repair your roof to a high standard and have it working (and looking) better than new.


Selection of Recent Work

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